Friday, February 18, 2011

Bad Day.....

Well ladies I'm sorry to make a negative post and I'll try to do that as little as possible but I'm trying to be honest and stay as real as possible.

Today was a bad day for me. I will spare you the details of the long, bad day I've had..... but my reason for posting about me having a bad days is because I'm an emotional eater especially when I'm upset. And today I was upset stressed to the tilt and ate things I should have eaten! I didn't go all crazy or anything.... I ate a couple pieces of chocolate, a handful of gold fish crackers and a slice of pizza but still all things I wouldn't have chosen had I not been so upset. I need to find something other than food to turn to when I'm upset!

Where do you turn when your upset and had a bad or stressful day?

I'll be back to post again later after I get the kids to bed!

Until then......


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