Monday, February 14, 2011

Thank you to the Ladies that are Following me so far...

I think this is going to help me so much and I hope that it helps others as well....

As of now I dont have a scale... Was actually afraid to get one. Because I'm afraid of focusing too much on the number and how quickly its going down rather than the task at hand. But I've decided its important so I am going to go out and purchase one tomorrow. After I get it home I'm going to post my weight (pic of the scale just to hold myself 100% accountable for my actions everyday) and a pic of me. Because even though I've been at this a couple weeks I havent given 100%. I dont know what changed but after 2 weeks my mind hadnt been as clear or set on doing whatever it takes to get where I want to be until yesterday! I just woke up and felt different I dont know how to explain it!

I think a positive way to say motivated it is to reward yourself with things other than food.

So something I have decided to do to not only to reward myself but my followers too for every 15lbs I loose Im going to treat myself to a trip to Bath and Body Works (one of my favorite places in the whole world...LOL)And Im going to giveaway a $15 E-Gift Card to Bath and Body Works to a Follower....

Im going to sit down over the next few days and write down my goals and the things I think that are going to help me get there....

I know Im kinda all over the place tonight sorry about that. Just so much I want to get started on. Hopefully the other post to follow will be more on a just a subject or two rather than a bunch of this and that ;o)

I really wanted to share a link to a PDF file from the US Dept of Health and Human Services about weight loss. It's 44pages but full of lots of great information

Well hope to post some recipes and other tools tomorrow.

Until then...



  1. Jacki I am with you 100%. I wish you every success. You can do it!

  2. Thanks so much for your support Betty xoxoxox

  3. We're here for you Jacki all the way no matter! Best wishes on this journey, I know you can do it.

    Luv, Jody

  4. Thanks Jody Luv ya Hun XOXOXOX

  5. If you need recipes...... I have some excellent ones that helped me through my journey!!!!!!!
    My favorite Tip that I got while on that Journey is
    RAH RAH!!!!!! I am cheering for ya Jacki!!!!